About me

Hi, I'm Sabine. I became a VIP (visually impaired person)  four years ago.  It has been very traumatic to adjust  and accept my new condition.  I am unable to drive but nobody is going to stop me travelling  the world.  Even though I can't see very well I have made the best use of my iPad !

 I want to share my  travelling experiences  with like-minded people.  Anything is possible  if you put your mind to it.

 Travelling the world has always been a passion of mine.  I love discovering new places, new people, new foods.  I particularly concentrate on places that have not yet been discovered by the masses.  So the places I've travelled to and visit are unspoiled gems of the World.

I  have made great friends everywhere.

I  would like you to join me in my discovery of this amazing planet  of ours through my 👁👁.

Enjoy my blog and please get in touch 😎



Trees are essential for like just like water. Planting trees helps create jobs and saves marine life. “Click a Tree” helps to re-forest areas that have been devastated. so click the link below and plant a tree today.


My Online Store

 Whilst travelling  I often stumbled upon some wonderful products  made by local people.  The products actuals always produced using environmentally friendly  or recycled materials.  In today's world sustainability is important to conserve the planet  and its resources.  Water particularly drinking water is becoming scarce  especially in tthird world and developing countries.  Growing cotton for instance requires so much water  that should be better used as drinking water.  I discovered during my travels that bamboo  is a real alternative to cotton.  Bamboo grows very fast and requires 10 times less water than cotton  and can be grown almost anywhere. 

 Take a look at what I have got in store for you  😎😎😎

🖌. Please note that a % of the delivery charges will be dedicated to a charity or NGO in South Africa  🌍

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